Black Pearl wines are made in the vineyard and the focus is on producing limited quantities of high quality grapes. From berry to bottle is a complete hands-on family experience.

We are not planning to substantially increase our production, preferring

to remain diligent in our pursuit of wines of distinction.

The name “Black Pearl” was inspired by the fact that the vineyard is situated on the slopes of Paarl Mountain, and Paarl Rock resembles a black pearl after it has rained. Black pearls also have rarity value. The name of our blend “Oro” comes from the God Oro, King of the Firmament, who gave the black pearl as a gift to the ocean. 

Photo by – Rochelle Coote

Photo by – Rochelle Coote

Browse through our site and find out more about the Black Pearl vineyards, the winemaker, the farm, the family, our dedication to conservation,…and of course – the wine!


“They’re friendly Yanks, are the Nashes of Rhenosterkop Farm, on the Agter-Paarl slopes. “Just give us a call,” they say of their tasting times. They’re equally relaxed about visitors who want to walk on the property, situated in a conservation area with pristine renosterveld and rare flora..


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  1. Jenny Pewsey says:

    We had your wine at a Resturant last night and would love to k ow where to buy. Do you have an outlet and or a tasting on farm

  2. Esther Friesner says:

    On the recommendation of our waiter, my husband and I tasted your 2010 Shiraz-Mourvedre at Jiko (Animal Kingdom Lodge, DisneyWorld). What a spectacular wine, both on its own and paired with food. Words like “superb” and “glorious” fall short, so I am going to hunt up more of it to improve my vocabulary. 🙂


  3. Ernest Preiss says:

    Please email your cellar door price list

  4. charlotte metzler says:

    just finished a bottal of your black pearl………………..LOVE IT keep up the good wine production. Came back from Australia a few days ago and they cant compare with this!!

  5. charlotte metzler says:

    had a glass of the Black pearl last night with my hubby and we loved it so much.

    We just came back from Austria and although we had some great wines( Hentely Farms is one that comes to mind) this Black Pearl was so goooooood I bought another case!!! Great Job Guys !!!

  6. I have a wedding taking place in December and they would like me to have of your wines. Could you please send me a price list and cost to ship to Durban

    Thank you

  7. Nikki Horton says:

    Hi we bought a case of your wine, the Black Pearl, could you let us have a price list, and cost of delivering to Durban. It was at the mercury wine show,

    Many thanks

    Nikki Horton

  8. Mary Lou – Just a quick note to let you know that your Black Pearl ORO made it on Kaia Wine Bar’s Wine List today. Happy to welcome you guys in New York.

    Suzaan Hauptfleisch
    Owner and ex Freestater via Paarl
    Kaia Wine Bar – South African Kitchen
    ‘home is where the hut is’

  9. Nanmarie Bibby says:

    Kindly email me your price list and delivery charges to Durban.

    Kind regards
    Nanmarie cell 0823001190. (Nanbibby@gmail.com) all lower case

  10. Quitze Nelson says:

    I was in NY this week and had the privilege of tasting your wine. Is it distributed in Dallas, Texas. If not, could I purchase direct from your company?

  11. Sandra Spagnuolo says:

    I was wondering if we could set up a wine tasting. We are 4 adults visiting from the USA and will be in Paarl between Feb 26th to March 5th 2014.
    Best Regards,

  12. Joann Wirth says:

    Please let me introduce myself. Your grandchild is a student of my daughter in Portland, Maine. My daughter suggested that I visit your winery when I travel to Cape Town this week. I am traveling with a friend & she is also interested in visiting your winery. I don’t know if is will be possible, but I wanted to introduce myself & give you a notice that we may be visiting.

    Your daughter-in-law was very enthusiastic about the prospect of our visit. I certainly hope that our schedule permits a visit.
    I look forward to visiting.

  13. Neil Armstrong says:

    I am looking for your wine in Canada, can you advise if it is available?

  14. Victor says:

    Just had your Shirazz Cab blend at Disney world Jinko Restraunt. Would love to get some more but I live in Hawaii. Any advice?

  15. nick bacon says:

    Lovely wine for a brit in the USA.

  16. SarAh ganger says:

    We tried your wine on our honeymoon at Disney at jico was looking to see where we can purchase it near St. Louis

  17. jerome says:


    Please forward me a price list. As you no doubt noted you wine has the same name as my company, and I would like to pass one the wine as gifts to customers.

    Kind regards,

  18. WC says:


    Who would be the best person to contact about organizing a wine tasting for groups?

    Thank You

  19. Susan Midgley says:

    Do you ship to the UK? Is there a wine merchant in the UK I can buy from or can I order from you direct.

  20. Mary Lou, Oliver & I are trying the 2013 Mischeif Maker and were wondering if you have any tasting or background notes, other than what you have on your web site for the wine? You have some info on the 2012 but not the 2013. We want to use it in one of our clubs, so any help would be much appreciated
    Anyway hope all is well your way. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes,

  21. Bill says:

    Hi! I bought or received as a gift a bottle of your Cabernet/Shiraz. Where in the U.S. Is it sold? Might have picked it up at Trader Joe’s in Ohio. Any ideas?

  22. Dale says:

    How do I get your wines in Ohio? I would like to buy a case

  23. James WC says:


    Who is the best person to get in contact with regarding a price list?

  24. Derrick says:

    Hi Mary Lou,
    I am from Denmark and stay in Meyerton; visit home every December.
    I sometimes visit Cape Town. Can you please send me a price list. I would like
    to know how much transport is going to cost to Gauteng.
    Your wine got good reviews in one of our food magazines.
    Thank you very much,

  25. Trevor says:

    Hi – please could you provide me with a price list of your black pearl Oro… Thanks and regards

  26. Marie Dupree says:

    Do you have a distributor in SC, or do you ship there? Had your wine at Jiko in Disney World…outstanding!

  27. Susan says:

    Looking for a location to purchase your black pearl wine in New York State near Rochester

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