Renosterveld is one of South Africa’s most threatened vegetation types. It is fire proned shrubland within the Cape Floral Kingdom. It is known for its high diversity of plants and contains many endangered species (especially geophytes) which are found nowhere else in the world. The Nash family is proud to have placed in to conservancy 185 hectares of pristine renosterveld.

Where’s the Rhinoceros?

The connection with a rhinoceros is unclear although they were once indigenous to the area. Renostereldgets its name from renosterbos, a dull grey member of the daisy family which is the most abundant and conspicuous shrub in type. Perhaps the grey appearance of the renosterbos-dominated vegetation resembled the hide of the black rhinoceros which once roamed the Cape, or perhaps these animals used to congregate to browse and shelter in the thick vegetation that used to line the riverbanks of renosterbos areas.