Biodiversity highlights

Area conserved – 184ha.

110 ha area of this natural vegetation is in pristine condition. Consists of a mixture of critically endangered renosterveld and endangered fynbos. This property represents an important link between upper-lying Paarl Rock vegetation and the surrounding lowlands.

Black Pearl Wines is located on the farm Rhenosterkop, along the R44-Agter Paarl Rd, situated directly adjacent to the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve. The farm is owned by Dr Lance Nash and boasts a large 184ha area of natural vegetation, of which 110ha is in a pristine condition. This area consists of 3 vegetation types namely, Swartland
Granite Renosterveld (critically endangered veld type), Swartland Granite Fynbos (endangered), and Swartland Shale Renosterveld (also critically endangered). The property therefore represents an important upland-lowland link between
the upper-lying Paarl Rock vegetation and the surrounding lowlands.

There are 19 Red Data Book species recorded for the adjacent Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, and it is likely that further botanical surveys would confirm a number of these to also occur at Black Pearl Wines. Already 2 rare and endangered species have been identified, including the legume Xiphotheca lanceolata. Numerous raptors and small
mammals have been observed on the farm, benefiting from the riverine thicket and Olive-dominated woodland that extends along the drainage lines. The 8ha of vineyard is managed under closeful eye of Lance’s daughter, Mary-Lou.